Jam Monster USA – 100 ml


Jam Monster E-Juice brings you the flavors of breakfast that have been loved for generations. There is no completion when it comes to the delightful jam flavors this vape juice creates. Bring yourself back to a time when you were running late for school and the only thing you had time to make was a piece of toast, then as you were about to run out the door you slathered some jam on it and called it a day.

Jam Monster  vape juice brings you a flavor you won’t be able to put down. If complex breakfast flavor vape juices make your mouth water, you need to get your hands on any one of Jam Monster flavors ,you definitely wont be disappointed.

Jam Monster vape juice is here to entice your taste buds! Jam Monster e-liquid is a unique flavor combination that is perfect for a morning treat that consistently holds it’s a flavor for an all-day-vape. The flavor profiles are a bold fruit flavor of either fresh apples, strawberry, blueberry or grape jam on a perfect piece of toast with the delicate spread of butter.

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