Vaping Awareness

Dear Valued Customer

As the vaping community knows, the vaping excise duty is due to become reality effective on 1 June 2023.

We advise customers to stock up on nicotine e-liquids / disposables before the new tax takes effect on June 1, 2023. We are however currently stocking up on products before 1 June. Please take advantage of the current pricing and fact that we will buy in stock to accommodate our customers.

Going forward we will continue to try and accommodate our customers and supply at a good price. We awaiting to see how this new Vaping legislation plays out and hope to see some changes to the current structure.

Please note these taxes are not added to products purchased before 1 June and all products manufactured before this period will be charged at normal prices.So that means all current prices online and in store will remain the same and no taxes will be added .

We thank you and yours sincerely.

Amazing Vapes SA

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