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So it’s been a long while since the release of the 9.9/10 rated Profile RDA, yet the Profile is still very hot in the market and we kept receiving suggestions of making a Profile mesh RTA from customers. Though we didn’t give a clear response about that to all those passionate customers due to business confidentiality, we did launch the Profile mesh RTA project in the late 2018. Here, first of all, we’d like to express our gratitude to those customers who showed their support in action, thank you very much to your comment and advices, thank you very much for your constant passion in vaping along with the Wotofo vape community!

Now let’s get back to the Profile mesh RTA project. This RTA is named Profile Unity RTA in that it is designed by Wotofo, Mrjustright1 and The Vapor Chronicles. It is the unity of vape insights from different perspectives and different thinking systems. We believe you already know about Mrjustright1 who’s also the co-designer of the Profile RDA, and for The Vapor Chronicles, you can find his channel on YouTube and get some useful vape knowledge from his videos. As always, we had all designers’ logos printed on the tank bottom as acknowledgement. Next, let’s look at the Profile Unity RTA in detail.

profile rta 3

New Drip Tip Design Comes to Profile

The mission for a drip tip is to supply vapor that generated from the atomizer. Most people choose drip tips on their personal preference for appearance. Of course appearance matters, however, drip tips do make a difference in flavor. The new drip tip which is still made of resin kept the 810 connection standard for custom replacement if you prefer your own. It is nearly 2 times thicker than the one for the Profile RDA, but the center passage is smaller and has a gradual reduction in diameter downwards. The thickness is for consideration of heat dissipation and comfort, allowing the drip tip to snugly fit between your lips, while the center passage design facilitates flavor delivery. The passage size for the new drip tip is tested to best balance air circulation and flavor enhancement.

Profile Unity RTA drip tip

Tongue & Groove Top Cap Is Brought In

Tank closure is constantly improving in the vape industry. For the first time, in the field of rebuildable tanks, the tongue & groove cap closure is brought in. Such cap has already been used in some sub ohm tanks. With optimization going on, now we put it on the Profile Unity RTA. Inside the cap section, there are two little ridges symmetrically positioned on the inner ring, so when you need to close the tank, you aim one of the ridges to one of the cuts accordingly at the tank section, then slide in and turn clockwise. To open it, turn the other way. It’s that easy. While the tongue and groove structure makes it easy enough to refill, the wide rubber ring embed at the inner top of the cap serves as a solid seal that seals the tank flexibly. No worries about leaks and the rubber is of high quality.

Profile Unity RTA (2)

E-liquid Capacity in Your Choice

Profile Unity RTA(2)

The Profile Unity RTA’s tank capacity varies among 2ml, 3.5ml, and 5ml. To comply with the TPD regulation, a 2ml version is made for Britain, and the other TPD version contains a silicone tank reducer to turn 3.5ml into 2ml for compliance. You can also get a 3.5ml tube for the 2ml version, and a 5ml tube for the 3.5ml version.

Profile RTA tube adapter

To use the 5ml tube, you’ll need to find the 5ml tube adapter in the accessory bag. Replace the glass tube and extend the chimney by screwing the adapter onto the tank top, then connect the tank section to the vaporization chamber. Now you can store more e-liquid and enjoy a less frequent refilling vape!

It’s The Enemy of Burnt Taste

Burnt taste happens mostly when the liquid is poorly got past to the coil. This often involves the liquid flow system and the wick. Since the wick quality is mainly determined by end consumers’ choices, the other factor left for us to improve is the liquid flow system. But please do buy quality wicks for the sake of your own health.

So how’s the liquid flow system on the Profile Unity RTA work? It works perfect! Let’s look at it from the top. It starts from the two long refill slots which are no difference than most top filling tanks on the market. Then the e-liquid, through two smaller-sized slots, gets into the interspace between the vaporization chamber wall and the atomizer wall. That’s where juice gets distributed. Juice will be directed right to the wick on its side top, as well as bottom, thus speeds up the feeding process with non-stop flow by the shortest path. The result? No burnt taste or dry hit!

profile rta 9

The Deck and The New Mesh

The build deck of the Profile Unity RTA is much like the RDA version with mainly one difference that it supports mesh coil only. However, for a very experienced building expert, it can be used for wire coils, because in their hands all products are like tools that serve to accomplish their goals. We do respect that kind of skills, but we don’t recommend using wire coils. The reason is that the vaporization chamber is made very small to perfect the flavor production, so it’s very hard to install a wire coil without causing troubles. After all, all the parts are accurately machined for the best mesh experience.

profile rta meash

The deck is still using a side securing method with wide clamps, and we kept the spring-loaded ceramic block to push sagging cotton up against the mesh for feeding and vaporizing, cuz it’s proven to be an effective way by now. For more explanation of how it works, you can refer to the Profile RDA article clicking here.

Last year, a brand called OFRF launched their mesh product that can flawlessly fit in our Profile RDA build deck. They named it the nexMESH. Soon we noticed it and tested it from our side, it truly works great, even better than the original mesh sheet. As the Profile mesh RTA project was settled, we met with the OFRF team and reached the agreement to incorporate their nexMESH into our new product. The nexMESH is also made from Kanthal A1 with resistance of 0.13ohm (performs best at 60 to 70W), adopting triple dense weaving tech to have more contact area with e-liquid. Below is the opinion from the best-known vape reviewer Rip Trippers.

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