Nasty Cush Man ! Level UP


In this Cushman Series, a new concept and a fresh look of the new Nasty signature character with splashes of colours to personify the flavour that has been created by Nasty Malaysia . The colour of goldish yellow to the outfit to represent him as a charm of the rockstar vibe in Nasty Worldwide.

Mixture of Banana and Mango creates an exclusive taste that will definitely blow your mind! The taste would still lingers even right after you blow it. 

If you’re a vaper, you would have definitely heard of Nasty Juice. In the article, AERIAMAN discusses the line of Cushman flavours developed based on Nasty’s top flavour the Cushman Mango. 

Back in 2015, a group of talented individuals came up with the brand Nasty Juice. Their hunger for quality and great service to customers has made them one of the top brands.

They are recognised around the world for their line of amazing e-liquids, as well as great packaging and marketing. Their most popular flavour, Nasty Juice Cushman is one of their top selling products with excellent reviews all over the internet and has inspired a whole line of flavours that we will be discussing in this article.

Introducing the Nasty Cushman Series, a new twist on their already well known Cushman flavour. With 3 new flavours that is a mix of the original cushman flavour as a base, with different fruits in each, this is definitely a #Cushmanlevelup!!

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